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It’s finally time to update this space and consolidate my life. All the old stuff that was here is either in Evernote or if I thought it was slightly useful for anyone else, it’s in my gists.

When I was freelancing, this started as a place to put useful stuff that I used more than once. That was quite some time ago, and I’ve since learned the difference between doing write ups and having a personal wiki that may or may not be correct AND will eventually suffer from bit rot and be a bad source of reference for others.

So Look Out. I’m moving my medium posts here, all 2 of em, and will start posting tid-bits of information what will forever change your life.

I’ve found that out of all the fancy mind-bending, eye-poppline content online, I really enjoy the old legacy sites from the early days, written in prefomatted html where the links are created by hand and there’s no js sorcery, and yet they’re still Insanely relevent. Those collections of sed and awk oneliners you eventually find if you search hard enough are perfect examples…

This site takes great inspiration from those minimal days of the internet and shall too be minimal; but without being sadisticly painful to use.